Animal Welfare

Committed to Quality and Welfare

All Irsik & Doll employees are empowered with knowledge to positively influence the welfare of cattle fed at Irsik & Doll. Well managed cattle perform better and allow consumers to confidently purchase safe and high quality beef.

Beef Quality Assurance

Irsik & Doll employees are regularly certified in Beef Quality Assurance (BQA). Irsik & Doll understands that BQA is not a choice but a responsibility to offer the best possible product to the end consumer. All Irsik & Doll feed yards have been assessed in accordance with BQA requirements outlined on the Feedyard Assessment website and are listed in the National BQA database. To learn more, visit the BQA website.

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Animal Welfare

Irsik & Doll employees engage in the Animal Care Training certificate program and rely on resources published by The Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University. The Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University utilizes collaborative multidisciplinary expertise to promote successful beef production through the discovery and delivery of actionable information and innovative decision support tools. To learn more, visit The Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University website.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to ensuring animals in Irsik & Doll facilities are cared for humanely. A comprehensive animal handling program, overseen by veterinarians and conducted by feed yard staff, helps ensure cattle are as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Components of our Animal Welfare Policy:

Veterinary Oversight:

Veterinarians guide our decisions on cattle care as well as aide in identifying and implementing improvements. Veterinarians collaborate with nutritionists and the feed yard management team on nutrition plans for optimal digestion at various growth stages. They advise and oversee disease-control efforts, diagnose illness, and direct routine procedures.

Cattle Health and Biosecurity:

At Irsik & Doll, we know healthy cattle lead to safe beef. We enforce biosecurity protocols to inhibit the spread of disease and protect our food supply.

Animal Welfare:

We maintain an animal handling program designed to keep our employees safe and the cattle in our care healthy and comfortable. We train our team to understand animal care and enforce a no-tolerance animal mistreatment policy.

Animal Welfare Training:

Training Irsik & Doll employees instills the skills and mindset necessary to conduct safe and humane practices. Our goal is to keep our team safe as they strive to provide the best care to animals housed in our facilities.