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  • Trained, Certified Employees
  • Beef Quality Assurance
  • Animal Health & Welfare

Specializing in custom cattle feeding, Irsik & Doll operates seven feed yards in Central and Western Kansas with a total one time capacity of 280,000 head. Employees are Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified and trained in Kansas State University's (KSU) animal welfare and low-stress handling practices.

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  • Trained, Certified Employees
  • Beef Quality Assurance
  • Animal Health & Welfare

Feed Yards

Cattle Arrival

Upon arrival, cattle are unloaded and weighed by an Irsik & Doll employee. Cattle are immediately assigned to a receiving pen with fresh hay and water.

  • In conjunction with the customer, staff quickly assess the health and nutritional needs of the newly arrived cattle.
  • A veterinarian approved processing regime is determined and carried out by people trained in animal handling techniques.
  • During processing, an identification tag is administered, after which, cattle are moved to their home pen.

Cattle Feeding and Nutrition

Cattle begin with a starter ration and are stepped up to a finish ration, typically within 21-30 days of arrival. Custom grower rations are available for those lighter weight calves requiring an extended feeding period. Feed management staff direct the weighed quantity of feed for each pen daily and monitor throughout the day in an effort to minimize waste and maximize performance.

PhD Nutritionists build rations using the most cost-effective and quality feed ingredients available. Nutritionists visit each feed yard regularly to observe cattle, answer inquiries, train feed teams and fine-tune protocols to maximize cattle performance.

Cattle Health and Welfare

All cattle are physically observed by an Irsik & Doll pen rider daily. An animal exhibiting injury or illness symptoms is moved to the hospital where a trained animal health team determines a diagnosis and provides appropriate treatment. Detailed treatment records and recovery periods are maintained for each animal.

Veterinarians visit each feed yard regularly to review treatment records and evaluate the efficacy of treatment protocols. In addition to regular visits, veterinarians are available on call for special treatment circumstances or questions to assist the animal health team.

Additional Cattle Services


  • Feed Financing: Financing is available for cattle on feed at Irsik & Doll locations. When cattle are shipped to a packing facility, the feed and interest charges are deducted from cattle sale proceeds.
  • Cattle Financing: Irsik & Doll offers competitive and convenient financing of cattle located in an Irsik & Doll location. When cattle are shipped, the principal and interest charges are deducted from cattle sale proceeds.

Risk Management

  • Cattle Insurance: Cattle on feed at Irsik & Doll feed yards are covered for certain weather events.
  • Hedging: Irsik & Doll offers price risk management tools to assist producers in managing market volatility. Please contact any of the feed yard general managers to discuss further.
  • Feed Cost Protection: Another valuable risk management tool is the ability for producers to set a price for the feed grain to be fed to the individual producer’s cattle.

Ownership and Marketing

  • Retained Ownership: Regardless of the size of your operation, Irsik & Doll has the facilities and the experience to optimize potential returns.
  • Marketing: Not tied to a specific packer, Irsik & Doll customers have the flexibility to base marketing plans on the specific cattle and market conditions. Cattle buyers visit the feed yards each week to view market-ready cattle. In addition to the traditional cash market, other alternatives include forward contracts, value-based grids and breed specific programs.