Our Company

Integrity is Everything

Left to right standing: Clarence Irsik and Loren Doll
Left to right sitting: Stephen Irsik, Fred Doll, and Norbert Irsik

Integrity is Everything

Founded in 1961 by the group pictured, Irsik & Doll specializes in cattle, grain and feed services. We operate seven feed yards and six grain elevators across Central and Western Kansas.

Who We Are

Our Philosophy

Key drivers of the company’s success has been the founders’ commitment to integrity and leading a conservative organization devoted to agriculture. The long-time customer base, dedicated employees, company reputation and financial stability contribute to company growth and paves the way for operating success into the future.

Our Mission

Irsik & Doll is committed to being the absolute best custom cattle feeding and grain service organization, while bringing forth valuable complementary business.

Our History


Oct. 1961  Company founded by Fred & Loren Doll (father/son) and three Irsik Brothers – Norbert, Steve & Clarence.

                  The five partners were involved in farming, ranching and grain elevator business.

1961          Ingalls Feed Yard began pen construction on land acquired from Norb Irsik.

                  Located half way point between Garden City and Dodge City in Southwest Kansas.

                  Initial capacity equaled 2,500 head.

1962         John Oringderff hired to manage Ingalls Feed Yard.

1960’s       Additional pens constructed at IFY, leading to a capacity of 25,000 head.

1968          Loren Doll became Managing Partner.


1972     Gray County Feed Yard built. Capacity of 18,000 head.

1972     Ingalls East Feed Yard constructed. Capacity of 6,500 head.

1970’s  Expansions to Ingalls Feed Yard takes capacity to 40,000 head.

1971     Cimarron Grain Facility acquired.

1973     Grain Elevator acquired at Syracuse, Kansas.

1975     Weekly Customer Newsletter began.

1976     Section B complex added to Cimarron Elevator.

1978     Grain Elevator constructed at the site of Ingalls Feed Yard.


1982   Hutchinson Grain Terminal acquired.

1983   Emporia Grain Facility acquired. Feed Mill later opened.

1983   Garden City Elevator acquired.

1984   McPherson Tank & Leg built at Ingalls Grain Facility.

1985   Clarence Irsik liquidated interest in the company.

1989   Beefland Feed Yard acquired. Capacity of 30,000 head.

1989   Loren Doll retired. Nathan Reese hired as Group Manager.


1993   Pierceville Grain Facility acquired.

1994   Irsik & Doll Feed Yard acquired near Garden City. Capacity 25,000 head.

1997   McPherson tanks and outside 12k BHP leg added to Pierceville.

1998   Royal Beef Feed Yard acquired. Capacity of 30,000 head.

1998   WindRiver Grain, LLC began business as a Joint Venture in Garden City.

1999   Nathan Reese retired. John Petz hired as President & CEO.


2001   High Plains Feeds, LLC launched as a joint venture in Garden City to supply protein supplement to the cattle feeding and dairy industries.

2003   Sublette Grain Facility acquired.

2005   A Joint Venture – Turon Feed Yard formed in Reno County.

2006   Sunbelt Feed Yard acquired. Capacity of 30,000 head.

2007   Syracuse Grain Facility sold.

2008   Royal Beef Feed Yard expanded by 12,000 head.


2010   Ingalls Grain Facility adds additional McPherson tank and Leg.

2010   Major grain bunkers added at 4 locations.

2012   Emporia Grain Facility and Feed Mill sold.

2017   Turon Feed Yard fully acquired into company. Capacity of 34,000 head.

2017   Beefland Feed Yard expanded by 15,000 head. Now totals 47,000 head.

2017   Royal Beef expanded by 5,000 head. Now totals 42,000 head.

2018   Additional McPherson concrete tank constructed at Pierceville.

2018   Sublette Grain Facility expanded with a 1 million bushel steel complex and 15k BPH leg.

2018   Irsik & Doll Feed Yard expanded by 25,000 head. Now totals 55,000 head.

2019   Two steel tanks added at Cimarron adding 250k bushels of storage.



2020   Two steel tanks and a leg system built at IDFY.

2020   Loren Doll only living Founder today.

2020   John Petz retired after 21 years of dedicated service.

2020   Scott Shill promoted to President & CEO.